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To be trendy, you have to follow the evolution of fashion. It is possible to limit yourself to the basics of fashion for a rather classic style.

Trends & styles

You can rush to buy the must-have shoes of the moment. This way you will be on the cutting edge of fashion. You must pay attention to the women’s fashion and men’s fashion of the season. To get the best look, take into account your body type. More on

Trendy clothes

Trendy clothes

Trendy shoes

Shoes trends

Trendy accessories

Trendy accessories

Jewellery trends

Jewellery trends


The great Italian fashion designers

Fashion designers in Italy are very successful. You can discover maternity and sportswear. You will be spoilt for choice. Moreover, the designers put forward styles adapted to any type of silhouette (small women, round women, large women). To follow the fashion trends, it is necessary to see the creations of designers like BRUNELLO CUCINELLI. This will make it easier for you to approach women’s and men’s fashion. For a complete makeover, you can wear Italian fashion pieces.

Smart & eco-responsible shopping!

Nowadays, a big trend has emerged. Wearing eco-friendly clothes is a way to highlight the respect of the environment. You can find many styles that respect this ethic. Before buying clothes, it is advisable to put forward the issue of labelling. By opting for an eco-responsible clothing, you value the issue of sustainability. At the same time, you reduce your ecological footprint. You will have the opportunity to enjoy yourself while saving money.


Fashion & Makeover Tips

For a perfect makeover, you must be careful in the choice of your outfits. You must adopt colours that make you look good. It is possible to change your wardrobe for a new start (tee-shirt, pants, shorts, jeans, off-shoulder top, swimsuit).

Dressing when you have a large bust

You can choose dresses that are close to the body and fitted jackets. It is preferable to choose a U-neck or a square neck. You will have the opportunity to highlight your chest without revealing it. To lengthen your figure, choose a V-neckline.

Dressing when you are tall

You should not be complexed by your size. You can still wear heels while taking into account the expert advice on
Printed fabrics will suit you perfectly. To mark your height, you can combine a belt with your outfit for a unique look.

Dressing up when you have a little cellulite

It is possible to follow a casual chic style even if you have a little cellulite. All you have to do is wear an outfit that is neither too loose nor too clingy. You can wear long skirts to hide different parts of your legs and thighs.

Tips for a better look

There are many ways to enhance your style and look. Moreover, if you want to feel comfortable, it is undeniable to emphasize the materials of your clothes (cotton, wool, cashmere, delicate wools, polyester, elastane, linen and silk). The choice of accessories must also be taken into account.

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