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What to wear with sneakers this summer?

In order to have the feeling of being barefoot, you can choose to wear sneakers which are light and comfortable. However, as with all sports shoes, you will have to match them with the rest of your outfit. The choice…

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Shorts: which model to wear when you have some cellulite?

Cellulite affects nearly 80% of women, regardless of their age and weight. It does not only affect curvy women, there are thin women who also have cellulite. It is not a disease, but unsightly marks. It should not be a handicap…

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What color of underwear to wear under white?

Whatever the event is, a birthday party, a banquet, a gala or other important ceremonies, opting for white remains in the trends. Indeed, the color white is a sign of purity and elegance. That’s why it never goes out of…

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Plunging neckline: our tips to avoid being vulgar

With its sexy, sensual and perhaps vulgar effect, many women are sometimes afraid to wear the plunging neckline. Justified fear, because a set with a very low-cut top, mini skirt, exuberant color and a pair of high heels, would probably…

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How to dress when you have a large chest?

Many women often have complexes when they have large breasts and they do not find what to wear to divert people’s attention. This impression is logically disturbing. But don’t panic, we have some solutions for you. Here are some ideas…

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