Plunging neckline: our tips to avoid being vulgar

With its sexy, sensual and perhaps vulgar effect, many women are sometimes

afraid to wear the plunging neckline. Justified fear, because a set with a very low-cut top, mini skirt, exuberant color and a pair of high heels, would probably be considered indecent. However, you don't need to go to great lengths to adopt a charming and refined look with a plunging neckline. You just have to think twice before putting it on, because it is simply a question of size and morphology.

The essential element to take into account: the size of your chest

It is surely the first criterion to see especially when you want to put a plunging neckline. It is the women with small breasts who have the great privilege to wear it easily without being vulgar. Apparently, wearing a maxi neckline is not a problem for them. The choice of a plunging V-neckline would be ideal for a chic look without overdoing it. To give a more voluminous effect, the cowl neck option also goes wonderfully with a mini bust. Women with medium-sized breasts can also afford to wear a plunging neckline as long as they put on the more suitable bra. On the other hand, this type of neckline is not recommended for large breasts, except for the plunging neckline in the back if it is impossible to avoid it.

Choose the right lingerie

Whether the neckline is in the front or in the back, it is possible to use the right lingerie to enhance your look, and without vulgarity of course. It is therefore very important to make the right choice regarding what you put underneath your plunging neckline, so that your style is on top. For this, it is a good alternative to opt for a low-cut bra or a balconette without underwire with a pretty lace. This way, you don't have to hide it, while still keeping a subtle look.

Other foolproof tips

Dressing in plunging neckline is inconceivable in everyday life. This kind of cut is reserved for special occasions such as a wedding, a cocktail party, the new year.

Since the XXL neckline is not suitable for everyone, try to know your morphology to avoid a vulgar and banal effect. The outfit and accessories must also be more consistent with each other to highlight the neckline, without the risk of falling into vulgarity

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