Who are the great Italian fashion designers?

Today, Italian fashion has become a true promise of creativity and authenticity, which is now recognized by the whole world. Moreover, it has evolved enormously since the economic and social changes took place in the country. As a result, designers have been able to seize the opportunity to make their mark and become one of the leading fashion brands. Thus, finding out about some of the great Italian designers of the moment can be really interesting and practical.

Brunello cucinelli

Combining the know-how and the soul of its city, Brunello cucinelli is now among the great Italian luxury brands of the moment. Thus, this mark has been able to establish its e-commerce site, as well as its stores in the region. This is how BRUNELLO CUCINELLI bags are now classified among the most coveted ones by most women. In addition, this brand has also made collaborations with other designers for even more innovations in this business. Indeed, it requires a lot of effort as well as the implication coming from great creators to be recognized worldwide for one’s works. However, thanks to its authenticity and its unique know-how, the consumers can now easily recognize this brand.

Alessandra Facchinetti

To have one's name established in the biggest Italian fashion scene is a real achievement for most designers. Thus, Alessandra Facchinetti who is a young designer has been able to demonstrate her full potential and by this to be among the greatest and most prestigious labels of the area. In order to reach her goal, she did not hesitate to go through all the necessary steps. Moreover, by noticing her undeniable talent, other creators did not hesitate to take again her works. Thus, she was able to expand her brand, her domain, but also to grow her reputation by relying on her stripped aesthetics.

Marco de Vincenzo

Being one of the greatest Italian designers has many advantages, but also responsibilities and pressures. For example, renowned designers like Marco de Vincenzo don't have much free time, given his constantly busy schedule. Indeed, building a great reputation requires a lot of continuous involvement in everything he does. For this, paying attention to every little detail of his collection has become one of his priorities. Thus, he does not hesitate to mix various fabrics to give a unique technicolor effect as a trend. Moreover, thanks to his reputation, his works have become a must-have for the big celebrities.    

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