Which shirts to wear according to seasons?

The shirt is an essential piece of the male wardrobe. It is a timeless garment that lends itself to all occasions. Indeed, it can be easily integrated into your work outfit to wear with a suit or more casually with jeans. However, it is important to adapt your shirt to the season to be always comfortable.

Which material to choose for your summer shirt?

Summer is certainly a great time; the weather is nice and warm. However, when the heat is very strong, it is not always easy to choose a shirt in which you feel comfortable. For this, your attention should be focused on the material. Most men's shirts are made of cotton. This material can be worn easily in the summer, but you should be careful not to select a fabric that is too thick. Cotton poplin shirt is light and comfortable for summer.

Then, linen has the ideal characteristics for a summer shirt. Indeed, it is a thermoregulatory material, which means that it warms you up when it is cold and keeps you cool in summer. In fact, shirts made of synthetic material should be avoided in summer, because they retain heat and make you sweat.

Choosing the right cut for your summer shirt

The cut of your shirt plays an important role in your comfort. The cuts too close to the body and too tight are to be avoided if possible. It is better to choose a slightly loose fit such as a straight or semi-slim cut.

A shirt that's too tight doesn't make you feel comfortable in summer because it makes you sweat quickly. And it is very unpleasant when it sticks to your skin. With a     shirt that is a little loose, air can circulate, allow you to cool down and wick away sweat. Still, make sure the shirt fits your body type.

Which fabric for your winter shirt?

To choose a shirt that keeps you warm in winter, the thickness is one of the criteria to consider. For winter shirts, the weight should be more than 150g/m2.

Then, the fabric is also important. Flannel is very common on shirts. Warm and soft, it is an ideal material for winter. It is characterized by its scratchy look. Velvet can also be an excellent alternative to flannel when temperatures drop. Its particular texture can give it a kitschy side. You must therefore choose an impeccable quality in order to obtain a satisfactory appearance. To avoid making a faux pas, the easiest way is to incorporate a velvet shirt in casual styles. For the bottom, you can match it with smooth pants like a chino.

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