The Hobo bag: a refined accessory to wear on the shoulder

Published on : 07 July 20213 min reading time

The hobo bag is the kind of bag that is currently very trendy. This accessory is placed on the shoulders and you can find different models of it on the market. From the smallest to the biggest model, the Internet offers access to several brand stores where you can find the perfect hobo bag.

A good dressing room with dreamy hobo bags

Choosing a hobo bag carefully depends on your own tastes first and foremost and not on those of your entourage. For this accessory as for the rest, you can always find conformists and curious, naive and experienced, lax and demanding. That’s why the opinions of others can confuse you. But no matter what you desire and what profile you have,  unquestionably, the ideal is to have several hobo bags in your dressing room, as any other accessories. But to have a dream dressing room, you need to find hobo bags of great brands, which are quite expensive but worth it. 24S offers a wide range of models from the Brunello Cucinelli shoe line that might go well with your bags.

Choose the perfect hobo bag which suits your figure

The hobo bag is the final touch for a good outfit. In case you know in advance the perfect color that can perfectly match your clothes as well as the material that will better suit your activity, it is then very important to choose the right accessory according to your morphology. In order to enhance certain parts of your body and also to make others discreet, it is necessary to choose the right size of the hobo bag. Be aware that not all shapes of accessories will help you achieve your goals: a poorly chosen hobo bag could make your silhouette less harmonious. If your hips are wider than your shoulders, it is possible to rebalance the silhouette by wearing the bag between the shoulder and the armpit. The hand carry is also perfect, just choose models with medium size handles and nice volumes.

But what does the perfect hobo bag look like?

You won’t be able to answer this kind of question: you can find thousands of very different types of handbags and as many buyers with very disparate tastes. The sizes, lines, materials and colors are subjects that may appeal to some and not to others. For the rest, the fashions and trends are there to simplify your task and will offer you the selection of the moment to stimulate your desires.

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