A big trend for your beaches: the terrycloth dress

The best ally of women in this summer time, the terrycloth dress makes its comeback in the wardrobes of fashionistas. It is ideal to wear by the sea during relaxing vacations. Adapted to all desires, the dress comes in an infinite number of colors, patterns and sizes.

A step back in time with the terrycloth dress

Marking the 80s, the terrycloth dress is far from going out of fashion. It has become widely popular in recent years. The dress is a great must-have of the summer. It is both comfortable and elegant. Highlighted by the fashion houses during the catwalks and on the red carpets, the white terrycloth dress has its loyal fans. It is a symbol of freshness and natural atmosphere. The garment is a definite choice for a stay at the beach or in nature. It is a real summer favorite. With a V-neckline, tightened at the waist, with or without sleeves, the garment will optimize your daily look. Find your happiness on www.24s.com.

An innovative idea full of imagination

Strongly linked to childhood memories, beach dress continues to be revisited by fashion designers. It guarantees a chic the terrycloth and casual look. The dress is an immoderate passion of the seventies clothing styles. It evokes the atmosphere, the music and the spirit of freedom of the time. It is a famous brand which draws its inspiration from the Sportswear, Beachwear and Home wear trends of the 80s. Imagine yourself in a nice terrycloth dress, in a deckchair. Or why not enjoy a picnic in the sun while staying stylish and fashionable? The terrycloth dress is spotted on many celebrities and stars. By the pool, in the mountains, at the sea or in a club house,  the garment adapts to all places and occasions.

How to wear the terrycloth dress?

As soon as you get out of the water, put on your terrycloth beach dress to continue your adventure on the fine sand. Very convenient, the dress will warm up your days by the sea especially when equipped with a hood. In any case, it comes in several models (short sleeve or long sleeve, flower, with particular pattern, etc.). There is something for everyone. Well thought out, the material that makes up the garment provides you with total comfort. The toweling dress is easy to wear and accessorize. The slim-fitting version with stripes emphasizes the sailor atmosphere. It enhances the silhouette of the owner. However, you can choose the dress in plain color if you like sobriety.    

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