Which sunglasses to choose according to the shape of your face?

Before buying your sunglasses, you should consider the shape of your face. This will avoid bad surprises. Obviously, your choice may depend on your style, personality, etc. Also ask about the material they are made of and available brands before…

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Fashion trend: the corset is back in force!

Many clothes and fashion accessories are not necessarily the most appreciated by women for one reason or another. In this category we find the corset. Often considered as a torture instrument and sometimes even considered harmful to health by many…

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Bermuda shorts or shorts: how to choose?

In order to find comfort this summer, it is more convenient to opt for shorts or Bermuda shorts. At least, they will prevent the heat wave from acting on your body. Indeed, these clothes are becoming a must-have in the…

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Eco-responsible fashion: how to recycle your clothes?

In general, we all have the reflex to throw away the deteriorated or useless clothes in the wardrobe. However, these can undoubtedly make others happy, while they are often piled up behind the closet. In good condition or on the…

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How often should I wash my jeans?

Fashion is a field that has always interested both men and women. In this context, jeans are among the most popular materials, especially at the moment. This fabric is also suitable for skirts, pants, jackets, etc. However, everyone should systematically…

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