How often should I wash my jeans?

Fashion is a field that has always interested both men and women. In this context, jeans are among the most popular materials, especially at the moment. This fabric is also suitable for skirts, pants, jackets, etc. However, everyone should systematically wash their jeans. When and how to wash them remains, however, a difficult question to answer for many people. The goal is to keep the quality of the jeans as long as possible. It is therefore important to find out how often you should wash your jeans.

For hand washing

Washing your jeans from time to time is a reflex that everyone must have for reasons of hygiene. In this sense, several solutions can be adopted. Hand washing is one of the most common. This type of washing in particular is ideal for jeans. Most manufacturers of clothing which are made from this type of fabric, recommend washing your jeans only after wearing them at least 4 times. Another tip is to avoid scrubbing the jeans too hard with your brush when washing.

For machine washing

Machine washing is also one of the most common alternatives for washing any type of fabric. However, you should know that machine washing is particularly harsh, especially for jeans. In order to keep the quality of clothes made from this fabric, do not hesitate to wear your jeans up to 6 times before washing them in the machine. In this case, don't forget to turn them inside out before putting them in your washing machine. Also, be aware that the dryer is not suitable for jeans.

Opting to air dry will preserve their overall quality.

For dry cleaning

Dry cleaning in general is especially recommended for clothes that are considered fragile. Jeans can be a perfect example in this sense. Indeed, this alternative is less damaging to the fabric and is also quite quick. You can therefore have your jeans washed much more often if you opt for this solution.

In any case, avoid wearing your jeans for several days in a row. In the same context, do not put your jeans away immediately after wearing them. Leaving them hanging on a hanger can help evacuate bad odors and therefore avoid sending them to the wash too often.

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