Eco-responsible fashion: how to recycle your clothes?

In general, we all have the reflex to throw away the deteriorated or useless clothes in the wardrobe. However, these can undoubtedly make others happy, while they are often piled up behind the closet. In good condition or on the contrary, in good use or with holes, we can give them a new life.

Recycle your clothes: donate them

In fact, giving away your clothes as a gift is still a better option. Why not give away the clothes you no longer wear instead of leaving them behind in your closet? You can give to your loved ones, as well as to various centers. Moreover, many centers are developing around you and donations are always welcome. In this case, we bring a second life to your textiles. In addition, they can bring happiness to others.

When donating clothes, it is important to choose clothes that are in good condition and without stains or holes. Obviously, avoid giving clothes that are too damaged.

Adopt resale

First of all, you can start with a thoughtful sorting. Then, you can adopt selling your unnecessary clothes. In this way, you can earn some money at the same time. For this, you can do the selling yourself. There are many sites that allow you to sell your pieces. If you are more interested in who will give a second life to your clothes, then a storage room in a physical place is a ready-made solution.

Moreover, you can go through a third party. If you do not have enough time for resale, you can adopt this choice. In fact, all you have to do is drop your clothes off at a thrift store. In addition, there are also online warehouses. These sites can sell them for us.

Go to the collection point

Another option is to drop them off at collection points. In fact, used clothes should not be thrown in the garbage. As long as they are not wet or dirty, they can be placed in collection sites. However, they can be punctured. Here is an example: in

the relay container, you must put clothes in a bag of 50 liters maximum (linen, clothes, shoes, small leather goods). The bag must be closed and the shoes must be grouped in pairs, preferably separated from the textiles. In any case, several shops offer to recover all the clothes that we no longer wear.

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