Fashion trend: the corset is back in force!

Many clothes and fashion accessories are not necessarily the most appreciated by women for one reason or another. In this category we find the corset. Often considered as a torture instrument and sometimes even considered harmful to health by many doctors, the corset is a phenomenon that raises many debates and unleashes passions in the fashion world. If its use was not unanimous, today however, its wearing becomes one of the most essential of the season.

The history of the corset

The first appearance of the corset was in the 16th century and its purpose is and remains over time the refinement of the silhouette of the woman. It has evolved over time, from whale pennants to steel. The corset is an undergarment which is not practical and which prevents women from doing specific physical activities. It was not until the arrival of the great fashion designer Paul Poiret that this dress code was broken. This, in fact, allowed women to reclaim their bodies. The corset reappeared in the thirties, though, with a significant modification of its appearance, transformed into a girdle.

However, the appropriation by great designers, such as Gautier or Thierry Mugler, of this fashion accessory has allowed the corset to resume a more traditional appearance while incensing the woman without enslaving her.

The corset, an unavoidable fashion phenomenon

While the history of the creation of the corset may make you cringe, today it has become a fashion accessory that many people love. From celebrities like the Hadid sisters to more ordinary people, the corset has a much more refined and comfortable appeal. Now, when we think of the corset, we think of elegance and sensual femininity; and we no longer consider it as an instrument of torture.

The corset trend, how to wear it?

If in the past the corset was a kind of underwear, nowadays it is an accessory that is worn and displayed proudly. Indeed, the corset, which has become a symbol of a woman's uninhibited sexuality, can be worn with all kinds of garments. Girding and underlining the waist, this accessory is worn with sober outfits. Thus, it can be worn over a simple pair of jeans, or for a more sexy outfit, over a skirt. Being from now on a top with an elegant line, the corset can thus be married to all the styles, that it is with a simple baggy jean or a satin dress.

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