What color of underwear to wear under white?

Whatever the event is, a birthday party, a banquet, a gala or other important ceremonies, opting for white remains in the trends. Indeed, the color white is a sign of purity and elegance. That's why it never goes out of style, and has been in for many years. Moreover, white matches well with all skin tones and all styles.

Nevertheless, some women often have difficulties with the underwear to wear under white. Certainly, it is important to choose it well in order to remain classy while keeping one’s personality.

For the bold ones

As its style indicates, this is mainly for women who love extravagance and daring clothes. In this case, in order to keep your personality, it is advisable to bet for underwear of fluo color. It is true that these are attractive colors, but they continually mark the originality and youth. For example, under your blouse, you can opt for a green or pink fluorescent bra. Indeed, the reflection of these will appear on your white top allowing you to remain both fashionable and stylish.

Moreover, many celebrities like Lady Gaga or Miley Cyrus are very fond of it.

For those who prefer to remain discreet

For women who like to remain discreet, the most recommended underwear colors which prove to be effective to wear under white are black and nude. Indeed, for years, the color black has been often used to hide and correct one’s small imperfections. This time, it plays an important role by giving an invisible effect under white. No matter what kind of clothes you wear, no one would see what you put on whether a bra or another item. As for nude, which is a neutral color, the effect is also the same. It disappears more and more as it gets closer to your skin color.

For the seductresses

For the real seductresses, the most suitable underwear color for you to wear under white is the bright red. Indeed, it is the color of passion, love and a strong pepper; in a word, heat. In order to stay in style and keep your personality, wearing a bright red bra will allow you to be even sexier than ever under white. Moreover, the reflection of red as well as fluorescent is visible through it. All your suitors will fall under your feet because you will not only be in the feminine trends, but its effect will be unavoidable.

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